Writing and Publishing Research Articles


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Course Description:

This workshop covers the specific requirements of writing and publishing scholarly research articles in English. Through a mix of lectures and exercises, participants learn the process of writing and getting published from the first steps of considering a publishing venue; through drafting, revising, and polishing the text; to communicating with editors and dealing with reviews.

Target Audience, Number of Participants:

Doctoral Candidates of JGU Mainz in the last year of their doctorate and Postdocs
Language level: C1
Maximum Number of Participants: 12


  • Definitions of good scientific practice and scientific misconduct
  • Degrees and extent of scientific misconduct
  • examples of responsible and irresponsible conduct of research
  • Data management
  • Authorship and the process of publication
  • Mentoring and supervision
  • Conflict management_ how to deal with scientific misconduct
  • Local, national and international guidelines, rules and regulations
 Course Objective

After successful participation in the workshop, participants will know how to

  • choose the best journal for their current work
  • properly structure their article and its various sections for maximum clarity
  • best present their data or evidence
  • craft sensible, easy-to-read paragraphs
  • use English tenses correctly according to their nuances
  • decide when to use active or passive voice
  • revise sentences using practical and easy-to-understand revision strategies
  • apply tips on creating more clarity, cohesion and conciseness
  • punctuate properly
  • craft an attention-getting yet appropriate abstract and title
  • write successful submission and revision letters to editors
  • deal professionally with reviews and revisions


Participants are invited to submit no later than one full week ahead of the course an unpublished abstract for a journal article and half a page from the same article. These will be exchanged with other participants for analysis during class, using the techniques they learn during the workshop.

Day, Time and Plattform

The next workshop will take place in the first half of 2024.


To apply please use OpenOLAT. In order to be able to apply for the courses doctoral candidates need to be registered with the GPP.

This workshop is offered by the General Doctoral College (APK).