Sonderprogramm: Webinar "Writing and Presenting Academic English for Teachers


English is the international language of modern science. While most are familiar with the English language, presenting or publishing research requires an understanding of the English language in an academic context. Students in many disciplines are confronted with this complexity in one way or another: Their knowledge in their field is solid but communicating confidently and professionally in English is uncharted territory.
Participants of this course will acquire the competencies to teach the most important differences between academic German and academic English. They will be given practical advice on how to make students aware of different language cultures, so that they can avoid common mistakes and specific errors in speech and writing. The webinar will be held in English.


  • English academic culture vs. German academic culture
  • assistance to students’ pitfalls and difficulties with academic texts
  • translation issues and false friends
  • structure of academic English texts
  • formulations and key phrases for presenting


The participants

  • will be educated on the specialties of written academic English,
  • are being schooled on how to use materials to teach critical differences to German academic writing,
  • acquire capabilities of writing and presenting in an academic style.


Edgar Allmendinger M.A.


12.05.2020, 10-14 Uhr


Diese Veranstaltung wird als Webinar online über Zoom stattfinden. Nähere Infos hierzu erhalten Sie nach der Anmeldung.

Max. Teilnehmer*innenzahl: 16

Anmeldungen sind bis spätestens 09.05.2020 via Mail an die Schreibwerkstatt möglich.